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Medical Weight Loss Program

in Las Vegas, NV

Medical Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight loss, even if they eat less and exercise more. Medical weight loss can help you meet weight loss goals with the support of our board-certified Obesity Medicine doctor. Dr. Wong can help you develop realistic goals based on your personality, lifestyle, and needs. The result is a customized weight loss program that creates lasting change in your health and well-being.

Who can benefit from a medical weight loss program?

Anyone with a BMI in the obese category can benefit from a medical weight loss program. It may be especially beneficial to those who haven't been successful with previous weight loss efforts.

How does medical weight loss work?

Dr. Wong will work with you to find the solutions that work with your body and lifestyle and help keep you accountable through your weight loss journey. He may also suggest exercise programs, medications, and other methods to help you meet your goals.

Is this the best option for my weight loss goals?

If you think medical weight loss may be the right option, make an appointment with Dr. Wong. He will get to know you, your health concerns, and your goals and help you decide if a medical weight loss plan may work for you. If you decide to continue, he will help you get started immediately. You can book your appointment online or contact our team to make an appointment over the phone.


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